60 Second Binary Options Strategy

March 13, 2016

Short Term Binary Options Strategies

Just a few short years ago it would have been difficult to imagine a real opportunity to earn 70-90% yield within minutes. Now it is not a dream, but a reality which is readily accessible to everyone. The Binary Options market makes this possible and the available short-term trading strategies have the potential to increase your profit capacity within minutes!

Binary Options strategies that require an Expiry Time value from 30 seconds to 5 minutes are called short-term strategies because of the speed of execution. When applying such strategies the style of each trader varies based on behavior and emotional constitution, as the risks in short term trading are manifold. This is because in such short time periods the price movements can be unpredictable, and here fundamental analysis does not have a big impact, even though it can be exploited in some ways.


60 second binary options are of the greatest interest to both beginners and experienced traders. Beginners like it because of the prospects of high returns and quick results, and experienced traders are interested in profitable trades.

Although this kind of short-term trading can be really super-profitable, without a clearly developed strategy it becomes gambling. In fact, with a proper approach a 60 second binary options strategy can provide up to 90 % with just one deal!

One Minute Binary Strategies

To trade binary options with a 60 second expiry, you can use technical analysis tools and a variety of simple strategies. For example, you can use the simplest ones, such as trend based, support and resistance levels, and even the Martingale strategy.

A trader can buy CALL options near the support level, if correctly identified, or buy PUT options near the resistance level. For short-term trading the strategies that take place in the channel are also suitable. If one is formed on the chart, the trader can buy options when the price rebounds from the channel boundaries.

Short term binary options can be traded using chart patterns. Here the trader has a huge variety of patterns he can watch out for: from trend continuation to trend reversal. The price pattern is a specific shape formed by the price movement that behaves in the same way when it appears on the chart. When using pattern strategies, remember the rules of their formation and the way to interpret the signals! However, it should be noted that chart patterns in their ideal form, rarely appear clearly on the graphs, so you should also learn how to read them.

Many speculators prefer to trade using technical analysis indicators. On this basis, they are building different strategies, and later using them to obtain signals to buy CALL or PUT option. Technical analysis indicators may point to a trend formation, a reversal movement or a price correction.

The best advice in one minute trading would be to check the larger timeframes, such as M15 (15minute) and M30 (30minute), and analyze the price direction. When the general trend is moving upward, wait for the right moment to buy CALL option, and vice versa.

Advantages of Short Term Trading:

  • Easy to trade – Indeed, the minute options can be traded in almost any session. For the analysis it is enough to take the hourly or M30 chart, determine the underlying trend and trade based on signals.
  • A large number of trades – If you are working with a 30-minute or hourly Expiry Time, you can make from 5 to 10 transactions per day, while with one minute strategies it will be possible to make 40-50 per hour! If you use the Martingale method, it increases the profitability by a few dozen times!
  • Huge selection of financial instruments and trading platforms – the minute options are now offered by the majority of brokers. In addition, short-term traders are often offered favorable conditions, such as an increased bonus, no commission, etc.

If you want to trade one minute strategies, make sure your chosen broker offers them first!