Nadex Review

MarketsForex, Commodities, Stock Indices, Economic Events and Bitcoin
Min Deposit$100
Payouts (%)100% - $0.90 fee
BonusUp to 15 Days of Free Trading Welcome Bonus
Overall Rating9.6


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Nadex Overview

Nadex was the first US-based binary options exchange and now counts itself as the largest provider domestically. Nadex offers customers a trading option with limited risk and low cost, that is completely legal in the United States. Customers who use Nadex’s services receive the peace of mind of knowing their funds are securely held in top US banks, not unknown offshore institutions. For US-based investors, this is one of the only binary options brokerage platform that is regulated by the Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).  On the whole, Nadex is committed to providing the best possible service for their customers by providing a transparent and straightforward trading platform to make sure all customers are investing on a level playing field.  Read the full Nadex Review and understand why Nadex is a strong fit for binary options investors.

Platform Overview

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Nadex is its own proprietary trade exchange and has designed a platform for investors to easily make trades without the use of a broker or advisor. The online platform works with Windows, iOS, and Linux operating systems and is fully integrated with Nadex’s mobile applications.  The platform itself is specifically designed for customers to easily review real-time prices and execute their investing strategies with value-added tools like technical analysis indicators. The platform makes analysis and trade execution a seamless process, with both activities occurring in the same window. Furthermore, applications offer pinch-zoom, horizontal and landscape layouts, and full chart features for traders to use all of Nadex’s services from wherever they wish to trade from.

Key Features

Instruments Variety
Traders on the Nadex platform can trade binary options contracts on a range of assets including foreign exchange, commodities, and indices.  One particular feature that sets Nadex apart and makes it unique compared to other binary options platforms is the ability to take positions based on fundamental market announcements. Nadex enables customers to trade events such as the US jobs numbers or the Fed funds interest rate. Moreover, Nadex recently added options in the more recently launched Bitcoin digital currency market.  Additionally, the assets offered are geographically diverse, including US, European, and Asian assets.
Trading Account Choices
Nadex offers individual accounts for both US residents and international residents. Account holders need only provide verification of their address, date of birth, and a National Identification Number or Social Security Number to open their account. Additionally, Nadex provides entity accounts for LLC’s, partnerships, corporations, trusts, or other business structures based in the US. Lastly, Nadex offers a “Permanent Demo Account” which gives users $25,000 in virtual money to test their skills before trading on the live exchange environment with a funded account.

  • Expiry Rates & Payouts

Payouts vary based on the price of the contract. Conveniently, because Nadex offers binary options trading, the platform shows a strictly defined maximum profit or loss on a ticket before the order is even placed.

  • Bonus & Promotion

Nadex customers receive a bonus of a certain number of free trading days based on the size of their initial deposit. The smallest bonus is three free trading days with a $250 initial deposit, while the largest is 15 days with a $10,000 initial deposit.

  • Investor Education and Resources

For investors looking to stay informed and educate themselves about financial markets, Nadex offers the Learning Center.  Resources include up-to-date news, e-learning courses, market analysis, video tutorials, and webinars on a range of topics.

  • Deposits & Withdrawals

Nadex customers can deposit and withdraw funds with ease. Funds can be deposited via debit card, wire transfer, direct bank transfer (ACH), and checks for US customers.  Withdrawal options include everything besides checks. International customers are limited to wire transfer and debit cards for deposits and withdrawals.

  • Customer Support

Nadex customer support staff is available 24-hours a day by phone or email from Sunday 6:00pm ET to Friday 4:30pm ET.


There is a clear reason why Nadex is the leading binary options exchange in the US. Their commitment to their customers is second to none. Nadex provides a fair and transparent trading exchange governed by the Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) so that customers can trade more binary options contracts than at any other online market maker. By offering 5,000 hourly, daily and weekly contracts traded 23 hours a day, 6 days a week, it is no wonder why Nadex is among the most popular binary options exchanges.